10 Must watch series on Netflix: don’t miss out! Watch Now

netflix top 10 shows

“Netflix craze” is buzzing around and we can’t keep the calm. Hence, we thought of adding to your excitement by bringing to you some of the must watch series on Netflix.  Go crazy or go Binge watching- your choice!

1. Breaking bad

This web series is special not just because it’s not Netflix, but because it’s one of a kind since ages- and there is no denying!
5 seasons, 62 Episode

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2. Sacred Game

Game of sheer violence and language that can make even the naughtiest hide his face is the talk of the era- The sacred games.
1 season, 5 episodes

3. 13 reasons why

Originally the book, this series turned out to be the breaking point into the world of series. The series full of drama, emotions and a story that traps you into it- is the plot of 13 reasons why.
2 season, 26 Episodes

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4. Crown

This web series is said to be one of the most expensive Netflix series, because of the involvement of all the royalty and a princely feeling. Invest your good time to appreciate the piece of royal work. (trying to be sarcastic)
2 seasons, 20 episodes (3rd season to release soon)

5. Mindhunter

Do you like boggling your mind into the serial killing drama? If yes! This is the right series for you. The total package of FBI, agents, serial killer, crime, etc- this Netflix original is the real winner.
1 Season, 10 Episode (2nd season to release soon)

6. Planet Earth II

The name itself explains the plot of the series. Split into 6 episodes, the various aspects of the planet, including hills, plains, rivers, etc are covered. Isn’t that amazing?
1 Season, 6 Episodes

7. House Of Cards

Well! Let me tell you something, this series marked the onset of Netflix on an international platform. Thus, a perfect series that started out as the example of “binge-watching”. Would you not like to see what is it all about?
5 Series, 65 Episodes

8. The Returned

Who wouldn’t like a little supernatural drama? Well, this is one such story set in the chilly mountains of the era. The story where the dead comes alive, like nothing, really happened and the series followed by it. Are you super creative? This is your series!
1 season, 10 Episodes

9. Rectify

How would you feel if you were to be imprisoned for 16 long years for the crime you never committed? Would you ever regain the pace in your life? Probably not! This series has one such story-  the series to discover someone’s lost strength.
4 Seasons, 30 Episodes

10. Easy

Talked a lot about crime and adventure, here comes the much lighter aspect of the series- Easy, full of romance. The series revolves around various couples trying to spice up their love story to dealing with the situations. You can grab some popcorn (and your girl) to enjoy the ‘easy’ going story!
2 Seasons, 16 Episodes

List of other must watch series on Netflix to Watch

  • Skins
  • Strange things
  • The Fall
  • Black Mirror
  • Penny Dreadful
  • Fargo
  • Halt and Catch Fire
  • The West Wing
  • Mad Men
  • Peaky Blinders
  • Alias Grace
  • Orange is the new black
  • Glow
  • Queer eye
Did we help you to sort your weekend out for must watch series on netflix? Do let us know in the comment section below and keep following Hub4trendies.com


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