Attractive Content || 10 Ways to Make your Content Effective to Readers

Content effective to the readers

Wow, I finally have 4 lakhs, readers, on my article- status uploaded! Do you crave to upload a similar on your Facebook feed? If yes, it’s time for a celebration because we have got you sorted. Read this blog to find out some easy yet effective techniques to make your blog more engaging and compelling to the readers– you can thank us later! Attractive Content to the readers.

PS You are always required to create quality content no matter what! (Keeping the agenda in mind)

Single-purpose oriented

You need to be much focused when choosing the purpose to right. Do you want it to be reader-centric? Do you want it to be information-oriented? Or simply an innovative platform? This needs to be decided beforehand. Why? Because if quora start selling mobiles and Flipkart is seen debating, you wouldn’t like that either

Research your topic well

Until and unless you don’t have the grip over the topic, you can do nothing! The more you, the more you write and the more will the audience be attracted to your attractive content hence research is the key formula.

Define your Target Audience

Whom are you writing for? What is the age group of your target audience? Gender matters too- because girls read less about Avengers and old men wouldn’t be gazing over a condom’s article- just saying!

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Have your voice

Set your specific tone of writing because people admire consistency. If today you are seen being formal and tomorrow you start abusing, your credibility goes null and void. Hence maintain a tone that attracts the audience and sticks to it.

The unbiased writing!

Writers often make this mistake, they go in-depth writing about the subject, getting personally attached to it with the mixture of personal opinion- it calls for a big no! You need to write an unbiased article that speaks for the audience and not to the audience.

Edit it to perfection

Edit and re-edit till you find it perfect. No rocket science formula but just a saying “Practice makes the man perfect. This will also ensure eliminations of any mistakes that can otherwise be disliked by your audience

Create compelling headlines

Headlines are the first focus of attraction. If you can grab the reader’s attention at this point- things will become easier for you. Hence try creating compelling headlines followed by some great subheadings to attract the crowd.

PS attractive does not mean irrelevant!
Example: Shahrukh ne Mara Salman ko chanta

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The first Para attention

If your readers have come up to this point (Just like you are here in my post), bravo! You have been successful in grabbing your reader’s attention. It’s time to give them an amazing opening to create an ever-increasing interest and for the content

Give it a digital touch

The world is going digital so why not your content? Once you are done with the content it’s time to bring readers- digital promotion is the best way to do that. (I request you to share my blog too/ Thanks in advance) PS If it’s digital content, create an SEO friendly content.

Deliver at the time!

Writing about hot and trendy winter dresses in the month of April will do no good for you. Who will read that? Hence you need to keep the topic of the content in direct proportion to the time for maximum readers.

So these were few out of many techniques to make your content attractive & more effective and engaging to the readers… I hope this stands helps to you. If you have something to add to it, do let us know in the comment section below and keep following


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